Monday, April 15, 2013

Getting Started!

This is the start of the LastingerTraveBlog!  I am not sure what I am doing so this is all trial and error.  Hard to believe we leave in 45 days.  Headed to NC, KY, DC and then NYC.  We fly out to Iceland on 6/20 for a week of camping! Here is a picture of a bat we found.


  1. Looking forward to your blog. Have a great trip and stay safe.

  2. Sounds like quite the trip. We did one month out west camping and is a blast and a memory we will always treasure.

  3. Can not wait to see you. We are up for anything in December. We may go to South Africa for first two weeks November.
    So excited for you

  4. Great to see y'all again today. I hate to say "the trip of a lifetime" but it is. What an adventure. We really envy you guys. Have a ball.
    Can't wait to hear from the fartherest reaches of the world.

  5. I thought the bat was a pack rat! You guys are amazingly organized! Why am I not surprised. Julia