Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting Ready countdown

We continue to prepare for our June 1st departure.  I'm starting to pack up the house.  I've sorted through the massive amounts of homeschool material and have reduced what we need to one folder for each child!
 We've scanned in some of the material and for the rest I've divided it into quarters.  We will take the first 3 months worth of lessons with us and then have the rest mailed to us as we need them.

I'm still working on the reading list.  So far I have 43 books.  A lot of them are available on Kindle.  I've bought paperback copies of the ones that aren't and will divide them up according to the regions where we're traveling so we can have them mailed to us as we near the area the books are about.  I"ll post the full reading list eventually.

There will be a lot of down time, on planes, trains, boats, etc.  So there will be lots of time to read, write, and enjoy the on i pad, i phone, laptop..... DELETED    look on kids' faces when told......PRICELESS....see below

homeschool folders
boxes of home school material

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