Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mac's Waterfall blog in Laos

One day in Laos we decided we wanted to go to the waterfalls.  So the next day we woke up and a tuk tuk  was waiting for us.  It was a 45 minute drive to get there.

When we got there we went to see the bears at the bear rescue center first.
Then we went to the water falls.  When we got to the water falls there was a sign that said you could swim.  At the first waterfall we decided not to go but at the next one there was a rope swing hanging from a tree.  So we all had to go swimming!  But I forgot my bathing suit so I just went in my underwear.  After we got our swimming clothes on we went to the rope.  I went first.  I grabbed the rope and swung all the way around the tree.

After we had fun jumping off the rope swing we hiked up to another waterfall and then we were off to another adventure.


  1. What a terrific blog you boys are writing! Thank you for letting me tag along on your adventures through your writing and photographs! Because of you I am able to see and experience exotic places and exciting adventures that I otherwise would never be able to. Lane and Beth, what a wonderful gift you are giving to Mac, Wiley, and Levi... a year of experiences for a lifetime! Hugs ~ Susan Owen

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