Saturday, June 15, 2013

North Carolina to Kentucky

We left Linville NC and drove to Kerr Lake for the annual family picnic.  Although our visit was short we had a great time.  I just wish I had the camera or phone on my Randy's boat to capture pictures of Lane, Randy, Mac, and Michael water skiing.  It went something like handle on the tow rope? problem just find a stick and run it through the rope, voila...instant handle!  Skis too big, won't stay on your feet? problem, just hold on to the stick and "ski" without them.   Haven't waterskied in 25 years? problem it's as easy as you remember, right??  .... We're hoping Lane's knee feels better before we have to do too much walking.  He looked great doing it though!

Next we enjoyed a nice visit with friends Peter and Sherri in Lynchburg and then on to Kentucky for a nice stay with my Mom and Dad:
Enjoying the beautiful day by rock jumping and hiking!
like Mac's new look?
finding cool caves with Uncle Kevin
A trip across the river to Huntington to visit Camden Park ....has to be one of the oldest amusement parks in the country, opened in 1903

and the kids love the WOODEN roller coaster....must be one of only a handful left in the country!

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  1. Sounds familiar to a snowboarding walk of shame back up to the lift for the ride down....glad you guys are having fun.