Monday, September 23, 2013

Dzien Dobry from Zakopane!

Here we are in Zakopane, Poland a town in the Tatra Mountains (part of the Carpathian Mountain range).  What a beautiful spite of the fact that it rained most of the time we were there!

The rain didn't seem to bother anyone!  We jumped on this covered wagon and the horses took us up about 7 km.  We hiked the rest of the way to the lake called Morskie Oko.  
On the only sunny day we had during our time in Zakopane, we headed to the National Park to do some hiking.  

My axe weilding mountain men...

Our hike through the mountains led us to a beautiful laki...which, as we discovered upon our arrival, means meadow in Polish....not lake 

Enjoying the warm fire in our little cabin and a good hot meal in town.

The craftmanship and architecture here are amazing! Here are a couple of pictures from a restaurant that we liked a lot.

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