Monday, September 16, 2013

My Continued Animal Adventures by Mac

In St. Marks square in Venice, Italy we saw a whole bunch of pigeons swarming around all the people in the square.  Some of the people had bird food in their hands and pigeons were jumping all over them.  I thought that was so cool and I wanted to try it but I couldn't because it was lunch time.  But I was excited for lunch because I was hungry and I knew that the waiter was going to bring me bread so I wouldn't have to buy bird food from the people in the square.  So after I ate lunch, while my parents were paying the check, I ran out to the square and held my hand out with the bread in it.  The pigeons started jumping all over me and the bread ran out fast but thankfully I had more bread and crackers in my pocket!  So this time I used them sparingly and broke the bread into little pieces and I threw the pieces around me and held my hand out.  Pigeons swarmed around me and jumped on me.  After I ran out of bread the weirdest thing happened...this one little pigeon flew right onto my shoulder and I didn't even have any food.  He just sat there for a few minutes.  My Dad said it was time to go so I tried to shoo him off me but he wouldn't get off !  After a while I finally got him off me. 
I wanted to go back to the square the next day but we didn't have time.  It's ok though because I know we are off to another adventure where I maybe will get another animal stuck on my shoulder!!

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