Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hi Mrs Z's 1st Grade Class at Sanderlin by Mac

My name is Mac and I am traveling around the world with my family.  This includes my Mom and Dad, plus my two brothers Levi and Wiley.  They are twins age 8 and I am 10.

This is us in front of the Vienna Natural History Museum.  I am wearing the striped gondolier jacket.  

We take trains a lot and sometimes we get to sleep on trains overnight.  These are our beds.  They are triple bunk beds on each side of our room for six total.  I like overnight trains because I like the feeling of the train rocking me in my bed.

 This is me doing the luge.  Instead of going on ice, it had wheels.  The luge is like a sled and it is an event in the Olympics.

Along my travels I like to keep my eye out for old and cool cars.  I took this picture in Vienna of a Camero.  I'll show you my favorite car...

This is a Mercedes Gullwing. I really like this car cause the doors open straight up like wings.

Enough of what I like, what do you like and what do you want me to take pictures of?  We head to Egypt and Africa soon.  What do you want to know and see?  Keep the good work up!  Mac


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  2. I would like to see pictures of an oasis