Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our Travel Map is Up on the Blog!

If you look to the right------------------------------------------>

You should see "Our Travel Map."  If you click on "Lastinger RTW Map" below it, this should link you to our travel map that shows every stop we have made thus far on our journey.  It should hopefully also show our current location (if we are keeping it current).  This will largely depend on our ability to access wifi.  Special thanks go to great friend and computer guru, Paul Zielske, for getting the link to work!  After trying for 5 days, I had to call for reinforcements.

Setting sail from Bodrum, Turkey

The water here is amazing.

I took this picture 10 minutes ago (5:15pm) from our current location in English Harbour.  If things are working, that should show on the map as our latest location.  Cross your fingers!


  1. Hello from Iceland,, Agust would love to get a postcard from the boys if possible.
    ohh and send some of that sun and warm weather with it :)

    the adress is
    jonsgeisli 21
    113 reykjavik

    Stay safe and have fun

  2. Loving the blog guys...the Barcia's are watching! I shared the link on our school's parent facebook page also so some of the kids could follow your adventure. So cool! Enjoy!

  3. Love the new tool ... and yes, English Harbour is now on the map! How fun it is to see all your stops, and flights, and adventures by train. Keep up the great blog, all of you. Don and I are pretty impressed with your animal-karma, too ... maybe it all started with our little "found kitty"?