Wednesday, October 2, 2013

See you later Europe!

Yesterday was the official end of the Europe segment of our journey.  It's hard to believe we have been traveling for over three months already!  Our last week in Europe took us from Budapest, Hungary to Croatia where we visited Zagreb, Split,  and two beautiful National Parks.  (the kids will post blogs on all of this)
Yesterday we left Zagreb for Turkey.  We are now on the Asian side of Turkey and will spend the next few days on a boat sailing along the Agean coast.  This was another spontaneous decision ....we were headed to Greece but ended up here instead after we learned how long it would take us to get to Greece.   Greece has apparently stopped letting trains across its border.  So we would have had to travel to Belgrade then Skopje, Macedonia and take a bus the rest of the way.  This would take DAYS!!   (renting a car or flying was outrageously expensive)  It turned out to be more economical to fly to Bodrum and rent a sailboat.  So here we are!
Wiley took this photo of the beautiful clouds and rainbow from the window of our plane on the way to Bodrum.
5 minutes later we were flying through thunder and lightening and the plane landed in torrential rains....not the best sailing weather!

We spent a rainy night on the boat but by this morning things were clearing up nicely!

Gangplanks are good jumping spots....

.....and reading spots!

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