Thursday, December 12, 2013

I Fell From The Sky by Wiley

I went skydiving in Queenstown.  You have to be 10 to go bungy jumping but only have to weigh 30kgs to go skydiving.  I signed up and then they took me in a big van to the Nzone drop zone.  They dressed me up in a suit with helmet, goggles, gloves and a harness.

I then met my camera guy and he took a video of me about what I was going to do.  I then met my tandem jump partner.  He brought me to the plane.  I got in and sat on a big blue mat between my partners legs.  The plane took off and I started to get a little bit nervous.

At 15,000 feet he opened the door and hung my legs over the side of the plane.

My camera guy climbed onto the door and we jumped!

After that we did a free fall for 65 seconds.  My face was jiggling around.  I could not hear anything but I could see all around Queenstown.  Then he pulled the cord and let out the parachute. 

Then everything started to calm down.  He did some big turns that made me feel a little bit sick. I had to put my legs up and then we landed.  

It was the best thing I have done ever before!  

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