Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mac in the Mekong, Vietnam

The Mekong is a river that starts in Tibet and flows into the Ocean in Vietnam.  One day on our trip to Vietnam we went to the Mekong River.  The drive was two hours and on the way we stopped at a

At the Temple we watched the people pray. Afterwards, we went outside and saw some monkeys running across the road.  I wanted to check them out real bad so me, my brothers and a couple of friends ran over to see them.  There was a big momma monkey, a little baby and a couple of miniature size ones.  We followed the monkey to the top of the bleachers and he was sitting on a railing.  Every time I touched the railing the monkey would run over and try to bite my hand.

I named this monkey Momo.  He became my friend.  When he got to the fence below the bleacher he started to climb and jump on me.

While he was playing he seemed amused by my pockets. I would put my hand in my pocket and move it around.  he would then reach in my pocket and try and pickpocket me.

There was a mean monkey that chased after me along with this mean ugly momma.

We next went for a boat ride on the Mekong.  I got a cool cone hat, held a 70 pound python and drank snake wine.  This is wine kept in a jar with dead snakes.

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