Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mac's Lizard Catching and Camel Riding Blog

In the Bishnoi Village we saw a really big lizard in a tree.  I really like to catch lizards, so I got very excited.  I tried to climb the tree but there was a big bee hive, so I used a stick to chase it out of the tree.  Once it was on the ground I trapped it and grabbed it.  I named this lizard Gerald and it sort of became my pet for a day.

After we put our stuff in our room, Levi, Wiley and I ran outside to find more lizards.  We found more but most of them were too high in the tree or in a thorn bush.  After awhile, Gerald became more tame so I could let him just sit on my shoulder.  

See Gerald on our host Amit's shirt!

During school, Gerald ran away and I did not have enough time to another because we had to eat dinner and then we were going on a camel ride.  The camel ride was fun but scary because you were so high and when it stood up it felt like you were one of those mechanical bulls that swing around.  Levi and Wiley did not go but Mom, Dad and I went.  I thought it was a lot of fun!

After the camel ride we played for a little while and then went bed because the next day we were going on our next adventure!

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