Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wiley's Rat Temple Blog

One day in Europe I was looking up Temples in India and the Rat Temple came up. There was a picture of it and there were rats all over the place so I thought it was cool. So then later in the trip we got to go to India and we got to go to the Rat Temple!  We bought rat food before going in.  The gross thing was you had to take off your shoes before going in the Temple and you had to step in rat poop.  We got in there and there were rats all over the place.  I threw the food and the rats came running over and ate the food.  Then we looked around and we saw rats coming out of pipes and holes.  I saw a little place under the staircase full of trash with rats in bags and cups and boxes.  Then we left and on the way out we saw hawks outside waiting on the rats.  The Hindus believe the rats are reincarnated holy men so they take care of them by bringing them food and milk.

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  1. Not sure whether rat poop or monkey liver is worse.
    I don't suppose they supplied bottles of Purell on the way out, did they.