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Monday, June 23, 2014

Wiley's Amazon Jungle Blog

In Ecuador we went to the Amazon jungle.  On our first day going down the river we saw an anaconda, a three toed sloth and six species of monkey (wooly monkey, yellow-handed titi monkey, red howler monkey, capuchin monkey, squirrel monkey and black saki monkey).

Then we got to the lodge, had dinner and went to bed.  We woke up the next morning to go on a boat trip and we saw a bird called a stinky turkey or a hoatzin.  We also saw a two-toed sloth, pink river dolphins and a pygmy marmoset which is the smallest monkey in the world.

We went to a local village where we got our faces painted with war paint that came from a fruit.  We then went to a garden full of yucca plants.  We chopped down the tree, pulled out the roots, washed them off, grated them, squeezed the juice out and made powder.  The powder was used to make bread that we ate for lunch.

We also went for hikes in the jungle during the day and night.  We saw tarantulas, a bullet ant, and ate some lemon ants that taste sour like lemons.  On the last night we caught an amazon tree boa.  We got to hold it for a little bit and then let it go.

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