Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wiley's Galapagos Blog

We went to the Galapagos Islands then we got on the boat called the Coral 1.  They gave us a brief about what we were going to do.  Every day we went snorkeling and hiking.  When we went snorkeling we was all sorts of fish like parrot fish, needle fish, and flounder.  We got to see sea turtles and pet their shells.  Then we saw sea lions.  They would play with you and chase you around in circles.  We also got to see sharks, white tipped reef sharks.

One day we hiked into a crater then there was another little crater with a lake in it.  When we got to the top we saw a big giant volcano.  It erupted a long time ago so now there is a big lava field but all the lava is crystallized.  We saw hundreds of marine iguanas there.  They pile up on top of each other to keep warm.  We also saw snakes and they were waiting to go eat the iguana eggs and the iguana hatchlings.  

If you look at a map or a picture of the Galapagos, the biggest island looks like a big giant sea horse!


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