Sunday, May 25, 2014

It Takes Two To Tango ....reflecting on Argentina by Beth

I think we all fell in love with Argentina and its culture.  Our time in Buenos Aires was very special.  We enjoyed being in one place for a while where we could live among the locals.  Some of our favorite things were just riding bikes through the city and relaxing in its many beautiful parks.  We also enjoyed the soccer game  (which the boys blogged about) and the delicious food.  We embraced the gaucho lifestyle by spending a day on a working horse ranch.  And of course the polo experience was wonderful.  I should mention here that polo is extremely popular in Argentina.  Argentina produces the best polo players and polo horses in the world.  It is watched by the masses and it is not expensive at all to go to a match.  However, a string of polo ponies ( and yes, each player does need a string of horses to play) is quite costly, the price of one decent polo horse starts at $10,000....multiply that times 10.  So, as much as we all enjoyed our polo's safe to say that our children will NOT be learning to play polo when we get back!  We will remain spectators with fond memories of our one and only family polo match!

But even with all these wonderful Argentine experiences could we possibly visit this country and not learn to Tango?!!  
And so here we are at our tango lesson:

my personal favorite

It's important to practice our newly learned tango skills, lest we forget.

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