Friday, March 14, 2014

Cruising with DeeDee and Poppa, by Mac, Levi, and Wiley

My Cruising Experience
by Mac

Sorry we were not able to do a blog for a while.  It was mostly because we were not able to get an internet connection and because we were on the move.

This blog is about a cruise we did a month ago when our grandparents, DeeDee and Poppa came to visit us.  It was a very fancy cruise, so we had to be polite and use our best manners all the time.

One day we took a tour of the Bridge.  On the Bridge we got to meet the Captain and see how they work the ship.  It was so cool!  There were so many buttons and levers it was very confusing.  The Captain told us how he drove the ship and how the ship worked.

After the tour, I was eager to go swimming because when the boat was moving with the ocean the pool was very wavy!

So by now I'm off to another a swimming pool?

Levi's Bingo Experience At Sea
by Levi

About a month ago, in Singapore, we got on a cruise with our grandparents.  When we got on the ship we were so excited to hear we could play bingo!  The bad news was we had to wait until the next day to play.  When we finally got to the bingo room we were all excited.  My brothers Wiley and Mac won some money!  Mac got $79 and Wiley got $51.60!!  And I got none.  But it was still fun.

Wiley's Relaxation At Sea
by Wiley

When I was on the cruise with our grandparents we went on a tour through the chef's kitchen, called the galley.  We saw how the chef cooks the food.  He yells out cook this or cook that.  He has pictures of what the food should look like on the dishes.  If it's not cooked right he says to cook it right!
We had a great time with DeeDee and Poppa.  I wish I could go again.

Here are some photos:
Our grandparents, DeeDee and Poppa in Singapore before we got on the cruise

All of us in Singapore
We visited Angor Wat in Cambodia

DeeDee and Poppa in Cambodia

On the Bridge during our tour

On the Bridge while the ship was docked in Hong Kong

Ship in Hong Kong

Hong Kong night time laser light show 
Poppa went 4 wheeling with us 

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