Sunday, May 25, 2014

Levi's Amazing Iguazu Waterfall Blog

In Argentina we went to a waterfall called Iguazu Falls.  It is one of the biggest waterfalls on Earth.  It was really cool to see.  First we took a bus to the National Park on the Argentina side of the falls.  Brazil is on the other side of the falls.  We then took a small train to see the Devil's Throat.  This is the biggest waterfall in the park.  There are between 150 and 300 different waterfalls depending on the amount of water.  We went on a boardwalk across the river to the edge of the Devil's Throat.  We could look over the edge of the falls.  We could not see the bottom because there was too much mist.  It was loud and I got a little bit wet.

On the way to the falls we saw a family of coatis.  Coatis are like raccoons with long striped tails.  The are bigger and have long pointy noses.  They climb on you and try and get your food out of your pocket.

Next we went to look at another part of the falls.  This section had many different waterfalls.  There are paths so you can see the falls from down below and up top.  All the mist made a long rainbow.  

We met a friend named Tomas.  He was a really cool kid.  He only spoke Spanish but we were able to communicate with Spanish we learned at school and by using hand signals.

If you go to Argentina, definitely go see the Iguazu Waterfalls!

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  1. That little critter climbing on you guys was adorable! As long as he doesn't bite!!