Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Polo Blog by Wiley

I am in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We got to play polo.  When we got to the polo field there were lots of horses.  They gave us helmets and then gave us horses.  They taught us how to ride.  It was hard to control them because sometimes they will not listen to you.  You control the horse with these straps.  If you pull left, they go left,  pull right and they go right, if you pull back a little they stop and if you pull back a lot they go backwards.  After that, they gave us big, long, heavy mallets.  We went out into the field and played a match.  Every time I tried to hit the ball my horse stopped right in front of the ball and I could not hit it.

We also got to see a real polo match.  First they started with the Argentinian pledge of allegiance.  Then some army guys jumped out of a helicopter and para-glided  down on the field.  Then the match began.  The players hit the ball really hard and far.  There were two big poles on each end of the field.  If you hit the ball in between the poles it makes a goal.  We did not stay very long so we did not see the whole game.  

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