Saturday, May 10, 2014

Soccer in Argentina by Levi

While in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we went to a soccer match.  We saw River Plate play Racing Club.  River Plate is one of the two big teams in Buenos Aires.  The other is the Boca Juniors.  The game was important because River Plate is only 2 points out of the championship with three games left to be played.

River Plate's colors are white and red.  At the game everybody was really excited.  The stadium was full and all the fans were clapping, singing and playing drums.  They blew up two big inflatable tunnels and the teams ran out on the field.  Everybody stood up and started yelling and going crazy.  The game was very exciting. River Plate was the first to score.  In the end Racing Club had a penalty kick to tie the game.  The goalie blocked the kick with his chest and everyone went wild and was happy except for the other team.

The big penalty shot!

Blocked! Crowd goes crazy!

River Plate is now tied for the Championship with two games left!

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