Friday, July 19, 2013

Le Tour de France

Well, we started school work Wednesday morning thinking we had plenty of time before the race started but about 30 minutes into it helicopters were landing in the backyard and there was such a ruckus outside that there was no way we were able to of course we abandoned any thoughts of getting work done and joined the party!  We can't believe how lucky we got with the house in Les Raffards, Savines le Lac!  It was absolutely amazing to be a part of the Tour de France.  Stage 17 of the race literally passed right in front of our house which was just over the top of the second climb. This stage was a time trial from Embrun to Chorges, so we got to see each individual competitor ride by. We were able to walk down the hill to see the riders finishing the second category two climb up Reallon.  Helicopters landed and took off in the back yard seven times until two of them parked there for the day.  There was a parade of decorated cars before the race started.  People started camping on the roadside all along the route almost a week before the stage started.  It was such a  great experience!

Helicopeters in the backyard!

Watching from the front of the house

The best climber wears the polka dot jersey

Mac wearing one of the hats thrown from the caravan before the race start

These guys were pretty funny

Mac got Sylvain Chavanel's water bottle when he threw it!

Some of the parade cars

Alberto Contador!....Mac took this picture

Froome wearing the maillot jaune! He won the stage and will win the 100th Tour de France.


  1. Okay, time to come home. You guys are having way too much fun. I was watching the time trial and must have seen you.
    Too great.

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