Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rock Climbing by Levi

This is my brother Wiley climbing
Mom and Dad are belaying Wiley and I
Here is a picture I took of my Dad climbing to the top
This is me way up high climbing!
I thought rock climbing would be really scary but when we got there it was easier and more fun than I expected it would be.  Our teacher was really good at rock climbing.  He taught us how to tie double  figure  eight knots and he taught us to push up with our legs and not our arms.  He also taught us not to grab the rope in front of you.   You have to have special equipment and you have to look for for the right spot to climb.  I don't think you should go to a random cliff to climb without making sure you won't step on loose rocks!
...and here goes Mom.

I love to rock climb! 


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