Sunday, July 14, 2013

Savines le Lac

Click on this panoramic view from the summit of Mt. Morgon
Today was our second day at the house we rented in Savines le Lac.  We love it here!  The house is  just a couple of miles from town and it turns out it is on the direct route for the Tour de France so we will get to watch it from our front porch!  We spent most of yesterday exploring the nearby villages and then stopped at the lake so the kids could enjoy the water park there.  Today we hiked to the summit of Mt.  Morgon which is at 7,625 feet.  The views were magnificent.
This is in the backyard of the house.  Drac the dog also lives here.  He is a great dog.

Aqua Park at the lake
View of the lake  and Mt. Morgon in the background

Mt.  Morgon in the background

In the town of Chorges

This is the meadow crossing the bowl on the way up Mt. Morgon

At the top

This glider passed right over our heads at the summit

Hiking Pic du Morgon

The glider was really cool

Mountain goat Mac is always in the lead!

Looking back at where we came from

Lane's photo of the pretty yellow blooms

Twelfth Century Abbey at the bottom of the mountain

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