Monday, July 15, 2013

Mac's Mountain Biking Adventure by Mac

Today, I went mountain biking while the rest of my family went rock climbing.  I had a great adventure.  It was one of the  best times of my life, because when I got going fast and I went on the banked turns I was riding my bike on a wall.  One of the first things we learned was how to get on the chair lift with our bikes.  First you had to pop a wheelie and hang the bike on hooks by the front wheel.  Then you would run around the bikes and sit on the chair for the ride to the top of the mountain. After we started going, our teacher taught us how to jump great and I caught a lot of air!  Another thing that made it fun was that you got to wear a lot of armor including a motorcycle helmet and goggles.

This is the kind or armor we had to wear.

That's me coming down the mountain.

I am getting ready to get on the chair lift.

Mountain biking rocks!

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