Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bullfighting at El Escorial, Spain (by Mac)

Last night we went to the bullfights in El Escorial, Spain.  I thought when the matador was holding the cape and the bull was running through it it was cool to watch.  But at the end when he took the red cape out I knew that the bull was soon going to die and I did not like that part but I thought the other parts were cool.  When the matador was ready to kill the bull he would point his sword at the bull and hold his cape up and the bull would charge and the matador would stab the sword in between his shoulder blades to go into his heart but it never did go into the heart.  But a little later the bull would fall down and other people would go and stab a dagger into the bull's head.  There were also horses in the ring and the person on the horse had a spear.  the bull would charge the horse and the person would stab the bull to make it mad.  They also threw "spiky things"  into the bull to make him even more mad.  
After the bull is dead the Matador cuts an ear off for a trophy if the judges award it to him and then horses drag the bull out of the ring and they are lifted into big trucks where they are  taken to the butcher shop and eaten.  We were able to see them load the bulls into the refrigerated trucks.

With our spanish was their first bullfight too

The end is near

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