Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Friends, Old Friends ....

On the train to Berlin we met Steffani, a Berliner, who we had the pleasure of getting to know during our journey.  She was so kind and helpful, giving us many suggestions on things to see in Berlin and even invited us to visit her at the bank where she works and have lunch in the bank cafeteria.  So we did just that!  What a special treat to get a glimpse of daily Berlin life and enjoy a fantastic lunch with our new friend
After lunch with Steffani

 After waking up really early in Berlin, we are now in Madrid with the Calvo family!  Maripe lived with Lane's family as an exchange student many years ago and has always remained close.  She, Jaime and their three children(Jaime, Alvaro, and Victoria) live just outside Madrid  and have graciously offered to let us invade their home for a few days!
Mac and little Jaime at the Real Madrid Stadium

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