Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gibraltar by Mac

When we got to Gibraltar, the first thing I could see was a giant rock surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.  When I looked to the right I could see Africa across the water and that was very cool!  The next day we took a cable car to the top of the rock.  The coolest thing happened to me when we got out of the cable car.  I was on the ground taking a picture of monkeys when one climbed up my leg and jumped on my back.  It then started to chew on my necklace.  I thought that was scary because I knew how strong monkeys are and I knew it could easily seen me straight to the emergency room. When I tried to get him off me, he kept climbing on my head and chewing on my necklace.  After that, he finally jumped down and ran back to his family.  We eventually made it to a humongous cave called St. Michael's Cave that is a made into a stage where people perform.  On the way back to the cable car, another monkey jumped on me and started to pick through my hair.  Having two monkeys climb on me was one of the coolest things that has happened on this trip!

This is the ginormous rock called Gibraltar.

This is the monkey chewing on my necklace.,

This is St. Michael's Cave

Gibraltar is fun!

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  1. Anthony is so jealous! He wants a monkey to climb on his head, too!