Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lisbon, Portugal and driving a Tuk Tuk by Wiley

A tuk tuk is a little three wheeled car.  You can take tours on it through the town.  We started the tour at the Cathedral in Lisbon.  We went to a bunch of different places like the golden cathedral and the carriage museum.  I liked the small one person carriages because they were cool.  I also like the suits that the carriage drivers wore.  I liked riding in the tuk tuk because it was lots of fun.  I got to ride in the front and I even got to drive it up a hill!
Me driving the tuk yuk

riding in the front of the tuk tuk

One of the cool old carriages at the museum.  the queen of England rode in this one.

This is a tuk took

the one person carriage that I like

In the gold cathedral
Me driving the tuk tuk

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  1. Wiley,
    How about pulling up to school next year in a tuk tuk?