Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sydney to Brisbane, Australia in an RV

After a brief stop in Dubai to see the world's tallest building and best water park (Yas Island), we headed to Australia.  Our first stop was Sydney.

From Sydney we rented an RV and headed north to Brisbane.

  We saw many creatures along the way. Most animals in Australia have large heads (wombat, koala, tawny frogmouth).


Tawny Frog-Mouth



Flying Foxes

Frilled Lizard

Drop Bear (google it)

We stopped along several surfing beaches:  One Mile Beach, Forster, South West Rocks and Byron Bay.  Two people were killed by sharks while we were in Australia.  One just yesterday at Coff's Harbour, not far from several of the beaches where we stopped to surf.  We are done surfing in Australia.

We have also stopped in the mountains and rain forests. 

Dorrigo National Park.

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