Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Tribes of Tanzania by Wiley

This is me with the Hadzabe Tribe warming up at the campfire before hunting.  The man without the shirt is the Chief.

This is what the houses of the Hadzabe Tribe look like.  When the rainy season comes they move into caves.

This is the Hadzabe singing happy songs about it raining.

This is a lady from the Datoga Tribe in front of their houses.  On her face she has tattoos made by cutting her face and making scars.

This me grinding corn with stones.

This is the inside of a Datoga hut that they make with mud and cow dung.

The Datoga are blacksmiths.  They make arrowheads and bracelets to sell for money. He is using bellows made from animal skins to make the fire hot.

This is me and Levi with the Datogas.

This is the Maasai coming out to greet us when we arrived at their village.

The Maasai sing songs and jump into the air.

This is the inside of a Maasai house.  It had a fire to cook and was also made of mud and cow dung.

This is a Maasai school.

This is us playing with Maasai school children with a village in the background.


  1. Wiley, are you going to grind any corn when you get home?

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